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Types of Refrigerators for Kirana Store

Keeping a Refrigerators and freezer in a supermarket and Kirana store is a necessity now because customers need to get products chilled and growing categories such as frozen food. But choosing the appropriate refrigeration equipment to store and showcase food and beverage products is a crucial part of this.

Some of the types of Refrigerators and freezers and their uses are below:

1. Open Display Refrigerators :

It is used mostly for displaying various products that require an optimal amount of cooling such as curd, cheese, cold drinks, etc. Some key factors to consider when selecting an Open Display Chiller are its size, energy efficiency, and ease of maintenance.

2. Supermarket Island Freezer :

When selecting a Supermarket Island Freezer, it’s essential to consider the size, energy efficiency, and the number of compartments it has. It can be used for storing products that require deep freezing such as Frozen Food, Icecream, etc.

3. Cabinet Vertical Display Freezer :

When selecting a Cabinet Vertical Display Freezer, it’s essential to consider the size, the number of compartments with respect to the size of the products you intend to store in it, and the energy efficiency. You can use it to store things such as cold drinks, curd, juices, etc.

4. Glass Top Deep Freezer :

It is used for storing deep products that require deep freezing and at the same time needs to be displayed to be visible to the buyer at all times such as Ice cream, frozen food, etc.

It’s very important to choose the right type of chiller or refrigerator and also save costs while buying it. Contact us at 8010442222 if you need help from experts choosing the best chillers and freezers for your Kirana company as well as the best supplier.

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