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Types of Packaging Machines for Kirana Store

Many Kirana stores and Supermarkets have started to sell in-house packed products to promote their brand, which in turn results in good margins. When packaging products it’s important to use a Packaging Machines to give a better look and finish to your product. Other than looking at the cost, here is the list of elements that also need to be considered.

1. Commodity to be sold after packing :

You need to consider what kind of product is needed to be packed and decide what kind of packing machine is to be purchased.

2. Maximum and Minimum Packing Quantity :

Purchasing a packing machine according to the desired maximum and minimum quantity of packaging will always be beneficial.

3. What material is to be used for packaging?

Various packing materials are used like LD Poly Bags, HM-HDPE Plastic bags, etc. Different machines support different materials. Choose wisely for your Retail business or Wholesale business as it has a great impact on the shelf life of the product.

Now that we have understood what are the factors that affect the choice of a packaging machine,

Here’s a list of the machines you will need to pack and sell products in your Kirana Store or Supermarket :

1. Grocery Weighing Machine :

This machine also known as a retail weighing scale, is a device used in supermarkets and grocery stores to weigh and price various items sold by weight, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, and bulk items.

2. Heat sealing machine :

It is also known as a heat sealer, a device used to seal various types of packaging materials by applying heat and pressure. The machine uses a heating element to melt the packaging material and then applies pressure to seal the material together.

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3. Labeling machine :

This enables you to apply labels and decoration on different kinds of packaging material.

4. Volumetric Cup Filler Packaging Machine :

Volumetric cup-filling machines offer a practical choice for dispensing various dry, free-flowing goods, including seeds, rice, popcorn, candy, beans, pet food, and many others. They are used to fill and package dry, granular, or free-flowing products into containers such as bags, bottles, jars, or pouches.

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