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What things to keep in mind while designing a kirana layout?

Kirana stores that have a good layout and stay organised can do better in business. A good store design/layout can increase profits and makes it easier for customers to find and reach products, which might lead them to buy more.

A store layout plan shows where different sections are, any fixed structures, where shelves and counters go, and how customers move around in the store. The layout depends on what you’re selling, where your store is, and how much you want to spend on the design.

Many kirana store owners still use old designs, which might reduce their profits. By modernising your store, you can earn more than your competitors. We can show you how to do this.

  1. Space Utilisation: Kirana stores, which are usually small, need to be smart about using their space. To do this well, it’s important to set up shelves in a way that shows off as many products as possible, but without making the store feel too crowded or hard to move around in.

  2. Visibility of Products: When arranging products in a store, it’s important to make sure customers can easily see them. A good tip is to put the items that sell the most, like popular snacks or daily needs, at eye level. This way, when customers walk in, these items catch their attention first. Also, lighting plays a big role. The store should have bright and clear lights that make it easy for customers to see everything.

  3. Customer Flow: In a store, the way customers usually walk around is important for boosting sales. Imagine the path customers take as a road map. Along this path, it’s smart to position high-demand or impulse-buy items that people often buy or things they might decide to buy eventually that can increase sales.

  4. Accessibility: Make sure customers can move around easily in a store. The paths between shelves, called aisles, should be wide enough so that people can walk through without feeling suffocated. No one likes to squeeze through tight spaces or struggle to reach something high up. So, having enough space in aisles helps everyone feel more relaxed and happy while they shop.

  5. Inventory Management: Kirana stores usually don’t have a lot of space, so they can’t keep a big stock of each item. This means they need a smart layout that makes it easy to add more items (restock) and keep track of what they have (manage inventory). The shelves should be arranged so that store workers can quickly see when an item is running low and fill it up again without any hassle. It’s also important that they can easily count what’s there to know what they need to buy more of. This way, even with limited space, the store can keep offering what customers want without any big interruptions or empty shelves.

  6. Point of Sale (POS): Having the checkout counter in a good spot is key in a Kirana store. It’s best to put it near the entrance. This way, it’s easy for customers to find it when they’re ready to pay and leave. This placement also helps the store owner or staff keep an eye on who’s coming in and going out, which can help prevent theft. When the counter is near the entrance, it’s harder for someone to take something and leave without paying. Plus, it helps control the flow of customers.

  7. Storage: In a Kirana store, it’s important to have enough space to store extra items that aren’t on display. These storage spaces in the store are for extra products. They should be part of the store’s design so that they don’t take up the space where customers walk and shop. Having these storage areas helps keep the store organised and makes sure that there are always enough products to fill the shelves without making the shopping area too crowded.

  8. Flexibility: Having a flexible layout in a Kirana store is really useful, especially for different times of the year when certain items become more popular. During festivals or seasons, some items are in higher demand, like special snacks or decorations. The store layout should be able to change a bit to make space for these seasonal items. This means maybe moving shelves around or having special areas where these festival items can be displayed prominently.

  9. Aesthetics and Cleanliness: Keeping a Kirana store clean and looking nice is very important for making customers happy and getting them to come back. When a store is clean, with no dust on the shelves and a floor that’s always swept, it makes a good impression. When customers like being in a store because it’s clean and pretty, they’re more likely to return. This is how a store builds loyalty, by giving customers a good experience every time they visit. It’s not just about what they buy, but also about how they feel when they’re shopping.

  10. Security: To prevent shoplifting in a store, it’s smart to think about where things like the cash register and mirrors are placed. The cash register should be in a spot where the person working there can see most of the store. Also, putting expensive items in places where they’re easy to keep an eye on can help. This could mean placing them near the register or in a central area. These steps make it harder for someone to steal something without being noticed, which helps keep the store safe and reduces the chance of losing goods to shoplifting.

Conclusion:  Remember, the goal of a good Kirana layout is not just to maximise sales, but also to provide a convenient and pleasant shopping experience for customers. Each Kirana store may have its unique challenges and opportunities, so customization based on the specific context is essential.

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