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Types of Fixtures for Supermarket and Kirana Store

The use of the correct types of Fixtures makes it easier for customers to find what they want and also boosts sales inside the store when customers come to shop

It is crucial to decide how best to use the store’s layout and what type of fixtures to use in the store

Here are some types of fixtures that you can consider using in your Kirana store as per the requirement –

1. Wall Display Racks :

They are retail shelves used to display and organize merchandise in a supermarket or kirana store. They store various products, such as groceries, toiletries, and household goods. These racks can be used to hold both large and small items, depending on the specific needs of the store.

2. Gondola :

These kinds of racks accommodate products on various sides and are used to display different kinds of edible and non-edible products. Gondola shelves can also be used to promote impulsive buying of items such as chips, chocolates, etc. and promoting products on offers.

3. Bins :

Bins are largely used in supermarkets and kirana stores to store products in large quantities in one place. Products such as utensil scrubbers, sponges, packets of chips, etc. are usually placed in Bins.

4. Pallet Display :

Pallet Display are majorly used to support high stacking of single items or palletized loads. It aids the vertical alignment of products to accommodate more items on the same rack. Products such as those which are placed in cartons to be sold either separately or in packs are usually placed on pallets.

5. Impulse display units :

Impulse display units are fixtures that are mostly placed near the billing counter to encourage impulse buying, it is often used to promote new or seasonal products, as well as to highlight items that are on sale or clearance.

They store small items often bought impulsively, such as snacks, candies, chewing gums, or small household items such as batteries, etc.

Thoughtfully choose the type of shelf required in your Kirana store. For expert advice on choosing the best type of shelf for your Kirana store and the provider, contact us at 8010442222.

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