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5 Most Important Documents and licenses for Kirana Store

Starting a Kirana Store? 5 Most Important Documents and licenses for Kirana Store

Documents and licenses are very important factors to consider in the early stages of opening a Kirana store. Compliance with all legal requirements is mandatory, it also may bring certain benefits to the company.

Here is a list of some of the Documents and Licenses that you need to acquire –

  1. Trade License
  2. Lease Agreement
  3. FSSAI License
  4. Shop and Establishment License
  5. GST Registration

Let’s have a look at more information on the above list –

  1. Trade License – Exchange permits are issued by municipalities in various states of India and must be obtained from municipal experts. The process is not very long, but it takes about 6-8 days to get a license depending on your region.
  2. Lease Agreement – ​​If you are renting land to set up your Kirana business. It is important that a proper registration process has been completed between the landlord and tenant and that copies of registration documents are kept safe and intact.
  3. FSSAI License – FSSAI is a mandatory requirement for businesses dealing with food and related activities. You can get it by applying to your local government or state office.
  4. Shop and Establishment License -This law regulates the terms of employment and services for workers employed in stores. This license can be applied for from state authorities.
  5. GST Registration – GST Registration is one of the most important Compliances for businesses in India. However, if your annual turnover exceeds 40 Lakhs, GST Registration becomes mandatory for your Business.

Alongside the above-mentioned documents, certain more documents like Insecticide license, Udyam Registration, etc. are also crucial for Starting and sustaining your Kirana Business. For more information and Assistance on the Registration and Licensing Process

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