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5 Best Kirana Store Fixture and Rack Companies

In the Kirana store,Fixture and Rack Companies, the kind of shelves used plays a vital role in the overall layout and management of the products on display. It is very important to use the correct types of shelves and racks, specifically for different types (by weight, priority, etc. ) of products as it enables cost efficiency and other supplementary benefits.

Here are some criteria to be considered while choosing the correct type of shelves for your products :

1. The choice of Material for the shelve or racks depends on the weight you are supposed to mount on it.

2. The goods that will be kept will determine the most suitable shelf.

3. Take into account the size and volume of your goods

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Some of the best Companies that provide Shelves and Racks for Kirana Stores are :

1. Kraft Tech :

Supermarket and retail store rack producers and suppliers based in Mumbai and have a manufacturing facility at Vasai.

2. Accura Shelving :

Innovative, Robust, Multifunctional Shelving products manufacturer, located in Mumbai.

3. Micro Sheet Craft :

Top manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter of Grocery, vegetable and fruit racks located in Shalimar Bagh, Delhi.

4. Niraj Creation :

Superior to the competition thanks to its creative designs, high strength, appealing appearance, and faultless finish of its products. based in Mumbai.

5. Aarax India :

Superior craftsmanship, tough construction, superb finishing, precise measurements, and extended service life are the features of their products. They’re based in Delhi.

It’s always said to have the best shelves and racks in your store but it also depends on your budget and store layout. To get expert help to choose the best shelves and racks as well as the supplier for your Kirana business get in touch with us by calling on 8010442222

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