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Helping kiranas grow their business

Kirana Business Model | Kirana Friends

India is a nation of shopkeepers where there are 12.5 million Kirana stores. Due to the entry of large corporates and e-commerce in the business, there has been a fear of kiranas losing out on the business. However, Kirana owners who have implemented modern retail practices have been able to increase their sales and improve their business multifold.

Kirana R

Impact of Kirana Transformation 

Kirana owners, who have managed to transform or improve their stores to become modern neighborhood convenience stores, have not only managed to increase their business and profits but also impacted the lives of different stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Impact on Kiranas | Kirana Friends

Impact on Kiranas

Modern methods enable a kirana store to serve more customers, increase their revenue and profits, scale their business and attract their younger generation to it.

Impact on Ecosystem | Kirana Friends

Impact on Ecosystem

As local kiranas transform, there will be a positive impact on consumption, which will in turn stimulate large and small businesses.

Impact on Customers | Kirana Friends

Impact on Customers

Transformed Kirana stores provide an improved and more convenient way of shopping along with a better range of products.

Impact on the Nation | Kirana Friends

Impact on the Nation

Transformation of Kirana stores help expand the economy, which leads to an increase in tax contribution and local employment.

Kirana Community | Kirana Friends

Kirana Friends is a platform bringing together the community that is creating a pathway to help the kirana stores grow in India. We act as a friend in their journey of improving their productivity and profitability.

About KF
What We Do

We at Kirana Friends walk with Kiranas in their journey of business transformation and growth. We do this by providing Kirana owners through our platform:

Knowledge & Know How | Kirana Friends

Knowledge & Know how

We help kiranas understand all aspects of store transformation and practical know how of operating and modernizing the store.

Ecosystem | Kirana Friends


We act as a source through which Kiranas are connected to their supporting ecosystem from all over India, so that they can make appropriate choices for themselves.

Networking and Collaboration | Kirana Friends

Networking and Collaboration

We help kiranas to build and connect to the community across India, and collaborate with each other for mutual benefit.

Tools & Services | Kirana Friends

Tools & Services

We help Kirana owners with tools that enable them to analyse their business, and services to improve their productivity and efficiency.

Impact of Kirana transformation on the kirana owners, customers, ecosystem and nation

Transforming Traditional Kirana Stores | Kirana Friends

We carried out a research in collaboration with Accenture India with the objective to understand the compelling need and impact of transforming traditional kirana stores with modern practices. The research also highlights the need for building an enabling ecosystem and contains a blueprint for kirana transformation

our research
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